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Trump lawyers’ head-scratching legal filings just keep coming
Former president Donald #Trump’s legal team, in a Supreme Court filing this week, decided it would be a good idea to cite the past words of Justice Brett M. #Kavanaugh.

In doing so, though, they reinforced just how drastic what they seek is: absol…
2024-02-23 06:57:51

People before US courts seem to believe into #AI generated claims and citations; directly or indirectly.
I haven't heard of any cases in Europe or elsewhere. Anyone has any references? (Please: No made-up references! 🙄)
2024-05-22 17:57:33

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2024-03-21 00:49:08

New York AG urges appeals court to make Trump pay full bond | The Hill
2024-04-22 16:27:11

@… mat are you feeling okay?
2024-03-22 15:10:40

For these and other gems, you should really be following our #HorizonEurope project @… #FF!
2024-03-19 19:13:04

Monthly chart: Ukraine struggles to cover budget needs for 2 months in a row as foreign financing dwindles:
2024-03-20 13:42:31

Frage aus dem Chat des #4CultureForum­s: "Automatische Geschlechtszuweisung? Wie funktioniert das?" Eine Antwort dazu liefert @… in seiner Übersicht zum "BFI Filmography project":
2024-05-22 17:57:33

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2024-03-21 15:20:02

'Like the Coward He Is': Kyle Rittenhouse Storms Off Stage After Black Students Hijack College Tour, Video Shows