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2023-11-22 05:08:27

This morning I have #Flyskam as I'm having to fly to a meeting in Italy instead of taking the train.
The meeting itself was non-optional from our major funder's perspective, it is not possible to present or participate online.
If there were decent night trains linking all European capitals I would have taken the train, but just couldn't fit it in this time.
And I…
2024-01-22 04:10:35

Filing: Terraform Labs, co-founded by Do Kwon, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US, listing assets and liabilities both between $100M and $500M (Suvashree Ghosh/Bloomberg)
2024-01-22 07:20:26

Some indie producers say raising money via Sundance exposure no longer works; Comscore: 13 indie movies made $20M at the US box office in 2023 vs. 21 in 2019 (Lucas Shaw/Bloomberg)<…
2024-01-20 21:25:04

One of the most interesting parts of NTP and NTP servers is how the core epistemic problem is addressed. Dr. Mills’ ntpd has aspects of both voting on the truth and following common sense.
2024-01-22 00:23:25

Are you feeling disenchanted or indifferent towards the upcoming election? One way to make your voice heard is by participating in the primaries. You can send a powerful message by voting in the races that matter to you or supporting the least popular candidate in a race where no good candidate exists. This approach is more effective than not voting at all or engaging in protest voting during the general election. It lets the political parties know that you are an active and engaged citizen who can be mobilized to support a good candidate, even if they aren't the party's first choice.

The level of anti-capitalist sentiment in the US today hasn’t been seen since the 1930s.
Labor radicals seized that moment to create the pivotal Congress of Industrial Organizations.
We should take lessons from their achievements — and their missteps
#cio #afl
2023-12-22 00:53:01

I'm overweight because I eat my feelings.
Which, in turn, produces more feelings.
I call this a "delicious cycle."
2024-02-21 15:45:25

Sources: Amazon plans to shut its FAST service Freevee in the coming weeks, as part of a broader effort to focus its ad and product efforts on Prime Video (Mark Stenberg/Adweek)