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2024-04-17 02:23:53

State Department: US planes will not be flying over Ukrainian skies:
2024-03-18 14:30:01

On 8-9 April 2024 the Special Interest Group on Next Generation #Networks (SIG-NGN) workshop will take place at INFN in Catania, Sicily. In collaboration with #LHCONE, topics will include network #architecture
2024-03-17 11:07:48

Big news: Evidence for #Menopause as a Sex-Specific Risk Factor for Glaucoma
“We also highlight preclinical studies that demonstrate larger vision and RGC (retinal ganglion cells) loss following surgical menopause and how estrogen is protective in models of RGC injury.”

Menopause as a Sex-Specific Risk Factor for Glaucoma
2024-03-18 19:48:55

I know you're going to find this hard to believe, but Saudi Arabia says "The world should give up on the idea of phasing out oil and gas" and that "the current energy transition strategy is failing"…
2024-03-18 16:55:26

In an email to GB News staff following the Ofcom ruling, editorial director Michael Booker says staff need to "double down" on staying within the rules (Charlotte Tobitt/Press Gazette)
2024-02-17 23:54:04

Come out, come out, wherever you are...
Swiss Army Super puma as SRCH01 flying circles over Beringen SH

Flight path of superpuma flying circles
2024-02-17 02:52:12

I was going to post a question on Reddit about what two or three comics I should start reading that would be relatively easy to get caught up on and have good characters with little to no triggery stuff in them and have some fantasy or space opera elements, but then I realized that literally any subreddit I would post in would immediately ban my post for failing to follow some obscure rule about asking research questions and I’d be admonished by some mod for failing to have already ingested seventeen years of that specific /r/‘s culture and mores.
EDIT: because this is getting all the right kinds of lovely folk boosting—stuff I love in comic books would be things like Catherine Asaro’s Major Bhaajan, steampunk elements (god I don’t have the energy to catch up on Girl Genius but I used to love it), Honor Harrington, Xena Warrior Princess, anything hopeful future like Star Trek, the anime series Trinity Blood, no fae sexy shit because I already know how to find ACOTAR on Libby and I don’t need an illustrated guide, and whimsy eg a Psalm For The Wild-Built.
2024-03-18 19:49:56

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones releases statement following Leighton Vander Esch’s retirement
2024-04-16 10:30:42

Filing: MGM sues the FTC to stop an investigation into a 2023 cyberattack and asks for Chair Lina Khan's recusal; Khan stayed at the MGM Grand in September 2023 (Sabrina Willmer/Bloomberg)