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2024-05-21 11:10:08

Förklaringen till sista minuten-avhoppet på LO-kongressen.
"Jag bekände mig inte till nazismen. Men jag kallade mig för patriot eller Sverigevän."
2024-05-22 16:30:07

Boss made a dollar
I made a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time.
Now boss makes a thousand
And gives us a cent
While he's got employees
Who can't pay rent.
When boss makes a million
And the workers make jack
That's when we fight
And take our lives back.
2024-05-21 11:30:11

Last month The Atlantic published a piece, "The Golden Age of American Jews Is Ending." It misdiagnosis the problem.
To push back on antisemitism in the US, we have to reject Likud and the Israeli right.
New from me:

By the end of the 1960s you have on the far right a real sense that the conservative movement had failed, which is to say it had failed to conserve pre-civil rights America. 
More than that, the radical communist Marxist revolution that they've been warning about for decades was finally here, or around the corner.
From the perspective of someone who has been warning about Jewish communist revolution and conspiracy for 20 years, 1968 and 1969 must have been terrifying.
2024-05-20 16:33:30

Tete Mbambisa – Tete’s Big Sound
An often ignored classic of South African jazz, “Tete’s Big Sound” by Tete Mbambisa was released in 1976.
The album Tete’s Big Sound emerged during a golden age for local …

Tete Mbambisa – "Tete's Big Sound"
2024-04-21 08:07:50

Mark Rowley should definitely not resign.
Met Police: Minister 'deeply concerned' by protest row - BBC News
2024-04-21 14:18:14

Szybka lekcja ortografii:
buk — drzewo
Buk — miejscowość
bug — błąd
Bug — rzeka
bóg — ogólnie zabobon
Bóg — szczególny Zabobon
bók — jeszcze niewykorzystane
Bók — jezioro (?) na Węgrzech
2024-05-22 02:56:47

Raiders Need Answers At Running Back
2024-05-21 15:39:40

I went over to the birdsite the other day to check on sports and someone I know had replied to this and now I'm going back every day to see all the comments and pictures, it's so endearing.

post from @hansmollman on twitter:
I have never been to America but it is a dream of mine to one day go and to go to a proper diner and have pancakes with that streaky bacon and syrup from one of those jugs and coffee that a waitress will refill from one of those coffee pots
2024-04-21 19:18:32

The almighty Game Boy (ゲームボーイ) was released 35 years ago today (April 21) in Japan. What a badass little machine.
I no longer have a DMG (only a Color and a couple Advances) but I do have a lot of the original games for it - the first photo is my collection, 15 for the original Game Boy.
#GameBoy #RetroGaming

My collection of Game Boy games. 15 cartridges. Most gray, some black, one pink, one blue, one yellow. Pokemon, Looney Tunes, Centipede, BurgerTime, Crystal Quest, Kirby, etc.
The box for the original Game Boy DMG with the logo and a futuristic image of hands playing one
Cameron Diaz playing a Game Boy many years ago
A Japanese ad for the Game Boy from 1989. It shows a couple kids playing it, and the Game Boys are connected.