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2024-02-16 19:28:17

My contribution on #Xitter just now:
If you can deadname your kid, we can deadname your app, Elon.
That once-thriving place known as Twitter
is dying on the vine: a no-hitter.
When a billionaire bought it,
Its best members forgot it.
They fled as Musk raged and turned bitter.

Screenshot of my post on Twitter, which says what I pasted into the main message.
2024-03-15 17:22:51

@… It doesn’t help that in my app (Ivory) the URL appears as just “” when really I pasted the full URL, which is https:// and then
2024-02-14 22:32:14

The old (C19) beigel shop on Brick Lane was shut down?!!
2024-02-06 09:52:09

Study finds that Github Copilot lowers code quality and maintainability:
"We find disconcerting trends for maintainability. Code churn -- the percentage of lines that are reverted or updated less than two weeks after being authored -- is projected to double in 2024 compared to its 2021, pre-AI baseline. We further find that the percentage of 'added code' and 'copy/pasted code' is increasing in proportion to 'updated,' 'deleted,' and 'moved '…
2024-04-08 13:02:49

made some #Eclipse emoji for yr slacks and such

The moon-face emoji on a jaunty angle, about to cover the sun-face emoji on the opposite angle
The realistic moon emoji pasted over the sun-face emoji so only the little triangles of sun appear at the edges
The moon face emoji with a white glow around it like an actual eclipse
2024-03-05 06:30:03

Trying and finding copy pasted in a wiki a series of interviews I had done for the camino browser project. blog on whihc I psoted these is long defunct.
Development:Home Page - Camino Wiki
2024-01-26 09:00:06

I am again trying to set an (opt-in) open book exam with the whole Internet being allowed as a tool for students during the exam (just no other persons to collaborate with). While Bard is getting a lot better at mathematical/logical examples compared to the (free version of) ChatGPT, both are still really bad at text comprehension mixed in with logical reasoning. To my students: Yes, some of these questions will results in confused answers when simply pasted into the LLMs - please still engage your own thinking processes!