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Tootfinder instance opt-in


Mastodon instance administrators can opt in their instance on this page. If the instance opts in, all users of the instance are indexed, except if the opt-out (see below).

Technical conditions

Only the Mastodon API is supported. Instances must have an the following open API endpoints: /api/v1/instance/rules and /api/v1/directory?.

Instance rules (step 1)

Instances must add an instance rule with the text

All public posts from this instance are indexed by

The purpose of this rule is that all users of the instance are aware of the opt-in. Instances commit themselves to actively communicate the opt-in to their users (rule of honor: this is something cannot verify).

Instance opt-in (step 2)

Submit the domain name of the host

Instance opt-out

The rules of the instance are verified on a regularly basis. If the rules do not contain the magic sentence any more, the indexing stops. However, the instances are not removed from the list below. To be explicitely unlisted on the list, instance administrator must submit join again after removing the rule. Users that individually opt-in will stay on the index.

List of instances that have opted in

Opt-out for users

Individual users of these instances can opt out, if they have the magic word ("noindex") on their Mastodon profile.