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2024-02-03 16:30:46

Sources: Apple plans to acquire Brighter AI, a German startup specializing in anonymizing face and license plate data, to enhance privacy features on Vision Pro (Zac Hall/9to5Mac)
2024-01-04 13:30:08

[Reporterre] - #Agriculteurs, ils ont sauvé l’indépendance de leur coopérative bio.
Fin novembre dernier, une majorité d’adhérents de la coopérative céréalière #Biocer ont refusé la fusion avec un poids lourd de l’
2024-03-03 17:29:57

I've been reading Ray Dailo's "Principles for dealing with the changing world order" in which he charts the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms and dynasties.
The main cycle, he reckons is:
1) Winner of a war consolidates power, unites the population (often through oppression)
2) A smart cooperative equitable educated society with meritocracy means good societal progress and wide sharing of the wealth.
3) Long period of peace, building good tech and military and financial systems.
4) Leadership corrupts: Excessive debt, money-printing, inequality, financial ruin, no sense of solidarity, then a natural disaster pushes it over the edge
5) The fall: Escalating rebellions, very bad inequality, internal conflicts
6) Civil war, revolution, eventually a strong leader proves the winner and back to 1.
We in the western civilization are very clearly in the late states of this kind of cycle, and it's frankly terrifying with the weapons we have these days when it comes to a war.
The leadership is too corrupt to try and fix the inequality or invest in that well educated, equitable, cooperative society.
He explicitly agrees with Marx and implicitly with me a lot more than I'd have expected from the rabid capitalist that Ray Dailo is.
It's interesting to hear his emphasis on inequality and how a prosperous society depends upon sharing the gains of prosperity widely. You tend to hear hyper-capitalists mostly emphasizing that capital's gains should go to capital, and Ray is certainly suggesting the opposite here. That if that happens, it corrupts the leadership and ends with cronyism and debt and revolution.
We seem to basically agree what creates good prosperous peaceful civil society, and that capitalism in the Anglican world isn't doing it, and that fucked up corrupt government is why we aren't doing it.
We'd offer fairly different prescriptions though I think.
#reading #books #economics
2024-03-04 03:01:45

Yeah, pretty much agree with this entire @… thread (so far anyway, seems it’s still incoming):
2024-03-03 13:26:13

Shōgun 1x01 "Anjin" ★★★★★★★★☆☆ #Shogun
2024-03-04 09:53:41

"Leap Beat"
2024-01-04 07:00:06

»DevOps ist eine Grundeinstellung – und so funktioniert sie«
Ich bin noch kritisch dem gegenüber und empfinde #DevOps eine falsche Einsparung von #IT Spezies und am Schluss kommt wieder halbreife und patzige Produkte raus. Klar sollte mensch sich mit allem möglichem sich befasst haben aber noch nicht vert…
2024-02-04 03:18:30
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❗️Строкова military service has been replaced by basic service. Now, it is included in higher education institutions of all forms of ownership for men (women - voluntarily) as a separate discipline

It is conducted to acquire skills and abilities necessary for war.

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2024-01-03 07:25:34

Airbus begins talks to acquire Atos' cybersecurity and data unit, in a deal that could be valued up to €1.8B; Atos says another company had also made an offer (Wout Vergauwen/Bloomberg)
2024-03-04 03:01:45

Yeah, pretty much agree with this entire @… thread (so far anyway, seems it’s still incoming):