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2023-12-12 10:03:42

The findings of this study also apply outside 🇩🇪: exploit demand-side flex potential, both in energy markets (less gas, lower costs for all) and for local grid. Modernising grid tariffs, e.g. by updating them day-ahead and by introducing negative fees, helps align user benefits with grid needs.
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2023-12-10 23:48:09

Days 9 and 10 of #DecemberAdventure = [[December Adventure]] were light due to travelling but they still took place :D
1. Improved readability of many Agora links by using to encode spaces in node names/queries.
2. Made subnodes collapsible, consistent with the rest of the interface.
3. Bonus, no coding involved but always nice: added new user in, [[@sparql]] …