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2023-12-23 12:08:49

@… @… I found lots of interesting posts of yours about [[Bluesky]] in the Agora now that I'm taking another look at it :)
What's your current take on the underlying protocols and the network as it's evolving?…
2023-12-30 20:08:17

A verdade é que nas limpezas se encontram coisas giras.
Acabei de encontrar esta. De onde veio? Não faço a mínima. Mas sorri. :)

Foto de um pastor. O texto diz: "Cuidado com as compras online! Encomendámos um Pastor Alemão pela internet, e agora temos este senhor a viver cá em casa!"
2023-12-04 23:46:19

#DecemberAdventure day 4:
Experimented with adding more kinds of pushes to the Agora. I didn't finish the implementation today, but I made some progress which involved reading through some ancient hairy code and adding some stubs :)
After this is done, pushing (meaning transcluding at a distance/publishing to a different node) would read relatively naturally as follows:…