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2024-05-15 19:09:19

The new and improved Settings section for Kitten (Small Web/peer-to-peer web) apps is coming along nicely.
Should be live this week.
#Kitten #SmallWeb #Settings

Screenshot of Settings > Kitten page at https://localhost/💕/settings/kitten/:

A welcome message with a Hide button: 

👋🤓 Hello!

Here you will find technical details about your Small Web place (such as your cryptographic identity) as well as configuration options.

You should not need this page for the day-to-day operation of your Small Web place but it is here in case something goes wrong or if you want to tinker with it.

🐱 Kitten

2024/05/15 at 1…
Screenshot of same page showing the Domain section:

🏠 Domain

Your Small Web place was not deployed by Domain.

Here are some ways you can deploy your site.

Using Domain:

Use an existing Small Web host like
Run your own instance of Domain and deploy using that.
On any computer that runs Linux[1]:

Deploy your site to any server (like a tiny single-board computer or your own VPS server somewhere) using Kitten’s deploy command.
With systemd (this is not some political statement;…
Screenshot of same site showing the Evergreen Web section: 

🌲 Evergreen Web

Did you have a site here before?

You can preserve it and keep existing links to it on the Web from breaking by redirecting pages that cannot be found here to the older version of this place that is now hosted the domain set below.

Redirect missing pages to the following domain:

Clear button.

Not sure what to enter here? Please see
🆔 Identity

This is your public identity for localhost (ed25519 public key).

Copy button


This is your SSH public key.

Copy button
2024-05-15 09:46:10

Pictures from last night's evening/sunset hike to a 400m tall waterfall at the end of the valley, celebrating several family events/milestones/anniversaries... Felt like we had the whole valley to ourselves (...and the birdies, and hares and bambies on the way)
#WildWednesday #LandscapePhotography

A small creek meandering through a mountain meadow with yellow flowers and a single large spruce tree, flowing into a lake in the distance. Big mountains rising up on the side of the valley, one of them with the scar of a large rockslide from around 12 years ago...
A group of trees in a mountain meadow with spring flowers, next to a stony river bed. In the background, big, still largely snow covered mountains. Steel gray, cloudy sky with the last evening sun
View across a wild, rushing, whitewater mountain creek, looking up steep & rocky mountain slopes with sparse patches of trees, grass and snow fields. Branches of low growth pine in the foreground. Gray cloudy sky with the last sun trying to break through.
View of the vertical main section of the imposing Bergaicht waterfall (~400m) seen from the lower parts where due to the intense flow from the current snow melt a network of creeks is forming and flooding the meadows.
2024-04-15 13:18:52

Check out this show by Grateful Dead from Fri, Apr 15, 1983 at War Memorial Auditorium on Live Music Archive!
#GratefulDead #TIGDH #LiveMusic
2024-05-15 09:30:32

pfff... des incendies hors de contrôle reprennent dans le centre et l'Ouest du Canada.
Et nous ne sommes qu'en mai.
🥵 🥵 🥵
2024-05-15 17:09:45

Nostalgia, continued
I was thinking more today, about that feeling of nostalgia that I wrote about recently (#nostalgia #hiking
2024-04-16 23:15:43

Filing: Take-Two will fire 5% of its workforce and expects to incur up to $200M in charges as part of a downsizing effort, including $140M from canceled titles (Rob Golum/Bloomberg)
2024-05-16 10:24:26

Holla die Waldfee, weiss jemand was bei #autismusverstehen passiert ist?

Aufgrund unterschiedlicher Auffassung in Bezug auf die künftige redaktionelle Ausgestaltung des Magazins „autismus verstehen“ haben wir, die Redaktion des Magazins, die Zusammenarbeit mit dem herausgebenden Verein Autismus verstehen e.V. beendet. 

Daraus ergibt sich für Sie, liebe Leserinnen und Leser, folgendes:

Das Redaktionsteam des Magazins „autismus verstehen“ wird ab Herbst ein neues Magazin in bewährter Qualität unter dem Namen „autismus magazin“ herausbringen.

Leider es ist es…
2024-04-16 06:20:38

Mozilla and CheckFirst report: Apple, Google, Meta, and others' efforts are a work in progress at best, months after EU's DSA mandated a searchable ads library (Natasha Lomas/TechCrunch)