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2024-02-17 21:43:05

I've recently finished the book "Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing", and it was actually pretty depressing to read how a focus on pure "shareholder value" and private enrichment of executives can quickly destroy most of the value of one of the biggest and highly innovative companies. Reading about the destruction of technical excellence in favor of a race to the bottom for short term market gains should be a cautionary tale for all companies that are currently technical leaders. Learn from history how easily that can change.
PS: Now that I know more about the behind-the-scenes reasons for the 737 Max accidents and resulting deaths, I will personally avoid flying in any of them in particular, and generally try to stay away from Boing aircraft while the company is further slipping into even shoddier QA practices.
2024-04-17 08:25:13

Ukrainian Renaissance Challenges ‘Great’ Russian Cultural Narrative In light of the destruction of hundreds of thousands of monuments of Ukrainian culture by the Russian occupying forces, as well as t Source :
2024-03-18 08:36:50

This has been replaced.
2024-02-17 10:59:07

Script of the video above:
"I think that flow states and similar times of total absorption can do a lot to help non-autistic people to make sense of #autistic experiences.
In the right environment, autistic people might enter this state of intense absorption many times on any given day – but few schools and workplaces are designed to accommodate that! It is also something that many parents and carers fail to understand, so autistic people are often wrenched out of their attention tunnels constantly – an experience that can be intensely unpleasant and disruptive, taking the place of something that could be relaxing and restorative.
Think of a time when you have almost finished a chapter of a riveting book, or a game was nearly over, and suddenly you were pulled away from it and expected to do something else entirely straight away, with no idea if or when you’ll be allowed to get back to what you were lost in. Now, imagine that happening to you several times a day, and everyone around you acts as if this is perfectly normal and no big deal! Nobody seems to understand the time it takes to shift gears, or the feeling of instability that follows from being jerked too quickly off of the track that you were on. Like many of the distressing experiences that autistic people have, this is made far worse by the failure of other people to recognise what’s happening.
#Flow states have been touted as the key to wellbeing for everyone – probably rightly, I think. They come with a sense of purpose and a kind of easy intensity that are both hard to match."
2024-01-18 14:27:01

Recently, I changed my about page to what I feel is a more interesting 'bento' style. Each segment is either information, image or link.
2024-02-16 07:23:32

Correctly Communicating Software: Distributed, Asynchronous, and Beyond (extended version)
Bas van den Heuvel
2024-02-15 00:12:11

Baby Girl - complete series 🛍️🗽👩‍🌾
Dramatized rom-com series | Total listening time: 1h 30m
The daughter and muse of a famous artist escapes her mother’s latest impossible demand by fleeing upstate to the farm where she lived as a child. There, she reconnects with her estranged father, tries to save his business, gets into fights...
2024-03-17 03:06:10

Mayor: 2 drones shot down over Moscow:
2024-03-12 13:43:56

About life and feelings, gloomy and private
The feelings we get from the activities we do could be classified as neutral, positive and negative.
Let's take developing #Gentoo as an example. It's something that makes me happy — but you can't (or at least I can't) just get the happiness and reject everything else. Most of the Gentoo work is basically neutral, even bland — a duty that takes a lot of time and effort, and probably a little of your health. It's statistically probable that you're going to get some positive feelings out of it — the joy of success, satisfaction, appreciation, awareness that you've done something good. But you also get negative feelings — from failures, frustration, negative interactions.
My hiking trips are like that too. My family believes that "I do it for pleasure" — but it's a harmful oversimplification and it only tells me that they even aren't trying to understand me. In fact, it's mostly a necessity, a way of solving specific problems that works for me — halting diabetes-related problems, coping with emotions. Of course there's a positive side to it — good mood, energy to survive another day, something the joy of visiting a new place, seeing something beautiful, finding a solution to a vexatious problem, positive interactions with people. But there are also negative feelings — anger and sadness from failure, stress from problems, negative contacts with people. Sometimes you end up slowly charging your social battery for a whole week, just to have one person destroy it all.
If you think about it, life's something like that. It's mostly a bland effort to survive every following day, sometimes interspersed with positive or negative moments.
2024-03-16 10:32:18

One of the truly great sensations is the absence of pain. Yesterday I went to a doctor because my jaw was really hurting. Turns out I had a stone in a "duct" that lead from a salivary gland to the mouth.
I got antibiotics and was told to take some painkillers and to rub the area when I could.
This morning I was much better. I took a single ibuprofen and now I feel the absence of pain.
I wish I could conjure up this feeling every day I am not in pain.