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2024-04-20 03:05:03

Before this Friday ends I'm sharing my #FourLastWatched.
🔸Planes, trains and automobiles (2½★)
🔸Oscar (4★)
🔸Knives Out (4★)
🔸Glass Onion (4★)
#LetterboxdFriday #Cinemastodon

Posters of my last four watched movies at letterboxd as described in the toot.
2024-04-19 12:55:35

Filing: Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav's 2023 compensation package was worth $49.7M, up 26.5% from the year prior, with $23.1M in stock awards (Todd Spangler/Variety)
2024-04-16 23:15:43

Filing: Take-Two will fire 5% of its workforce and expects to incur up to $200M in charges as part of a downsizing effort, including $140M from canceled titles (Rob Golum/Bloomberg)
2024-04-14 11:23:41

Donate to Mastodon and support this vicious cycle :blobCatEvil:

A meme showing an endless cycle starting the following way:

Step 1: You make a donation to Mastodon

Step 2: Mastodon gGmbH pays its employees

Step 3: Erik Uden gets that money

Step 4: Erik Uden purchases Mastodon merch with that money (many images of Erik Uden wearing that merch and stickers are shown)

Step 5: The Mastodon gGmbH gets that money

Then back to Step 2: The Mastodon gGmbH pays its employees
2024-04-13 06:21:17

if you set two dozen people on solving the environmental problems we face,
and they each focused on different things,
would their different solutions be harmonious? like a "yes, and"?
e.g. are all straightforward, cost effective, solutions we can do now... non-conflicting?
like swapping to alternatives for milk / not shipping water around,
or meat, or air travel,
swapping to EVs for rural america and improving trains to replace highways/flying, a cleaner grid but also the battery recycling,
swapping to nuclear, wind, and solar, dealing with recycling all of them in stride
supply chain plastics, single use plastics,
not using massive AI datacenters to do that stuff
changes in lobbying, taxes, subsidies, regulations,
if you had 24 people - would their ideas be synergistic? #ClimateChange #GreenEnergy
2024-06-11 00:25:48

I put stuff in a web shopping cart but not buy. Prevents impulse buys and some companies email a discount code. I get this:
“This is your shopping cart. I'm waiting, loaded up, ready to go. Wanted to let you know there’s no hard feelings. You left me alone but I'll be okay. Really.
I was excited when you visited so eager, full of life. Someone who gets me, who will make my life complete!
Was I wrong? I'll take you back. Finish your shopping. Fulfill our needs. Y…
2024-04-16 09:00:20

A new paper with our current findings on the #xz case and potential mitigations is now online at @…:
Please treat as work-in-progress, and there are multiple lines of analysis that we are still following up on. A future submission of an extended version to a peer-reviewed venue is quite possible.
2024-04-06 21:01:20

Spencer Strider Diagnosed With UCL Damage Following MRI
#MLB #Baseball #MLBTradeRumors
2024-04-12 13:24:11

Headed to #Vancouver to complete the final step in getting the children Spanish passports. Raised the 🇪🇸 flag at home, of course.
#DualCitizenship #España

A picture from the webcam shows the view of the city from the top of a house. There is a Spanish flag flying to the bottom right.