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2024-05-04 09:23:35

Building the Future? Software Workers’ Imaginaries of Technology - Helene Thaa,
Mirela Ivanova, Felix Nickel, Friedericke Hardering, Oliver Nachtwey
2024-05-28 13:03:18

David Ottina, writing in 2013 about the emergence of scholarly publishing standards & infrastructures like OJS, DOAJ, NLM-DTD, and SciELO 👇. My immediate, deeply insightful, reaction is to wonder whether we are now ready to empower larger scholars (directly or indirectly).
My snark aside, the article is still relevant:

"They are all international in scope and cross- institutional in support structure. For the most part, they have focussed on the interaction of technical and social systems and addressed infrastructural issues. They are self-organizing and self-authorizing, often with humble beginnings and limited institutional support. They were created to fill a specific need for a particular set of communities. They empower smaller projects and scholars directly."
2024-04-28 19:52:59

"Understanding Racism in Digital Capitalism. Racialisation and De-Racialisation in Platform Economies, Infrastructural Racism and Algorithmic Opacity" Stefania Animento