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2024-05-19 19:06:26
#Podman has changed its networking and I am baffled. I want my container to be able to talk to the Redis on the parent but I cannot. It can talk to a different host's Redis but everything I've tried from the internet does not work. Do I have to create some kind of faux-network? Or what?

(I do not want to run a Redis container)
2024-05-26 11:36:51

I blogged: Simple containerised MariaDB setup
...because I grew tired of trying out container images that expected me to have an RDBMS ready to go.
#podman #mariadb

A stylised combination of the MariaDB "seal" logo with the Podman "Septagon" logo.
2024-05-11 11:56:52

Wer seine Container von Grund auf selbst zimmert und auf erweitertes Docker/Podman Gedöhns keinen Wert legt, der:m sei ein Blick auf systemd-nspawn empfohlen.
Extrem flexible und einfach handbare Sache mit absoluten Whoa-Ideen:
Man kann z.B. seinen Rechner IN einen solchen systemd-nspawn-Container rein booten!!
Etwaige Antworten mit allgemeine…
2024-06-03 10:40:06

Yesterday, I toyed with the idea of using #podman for a container whose network namespace is limited to a #wireguard interface managed by the host's network daemon, but I stumbled upon a confirmed #passt
2024-04-28 09:33:12

I wish people would stop breaking software in the name of "updates". Podman has changed its default networking and now none of my containers work properly and I've already waded through 900 pages of gibberish nonsense trying to figure out WTF I need to change to fix things.

Getting >< close to just downgrading podman and living with an old version.
2024-05-03 09:06:26

I remember when @… was new and a just a half-baked replacement for #docker . Still I was using it on my laptop because its rootless mode was a clear improvement. I just had to switch back for some experiment and damn, podman is so much better than the "original…