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2024-04-19 20:43:52

I’m feeling better and better about this post.
#cybertruck #ev #tesla

What’s fueling the return of supersonic passenger flights
There hasn’t been a commercial #supersonic #passenger #jet since the Concorde stopped flying in 2003.
Since then, supersonic jets — which travel faster than the s…
2024-03-20 07:03:38

#goodmorning friends! Morning walk in fresh chill air is done. I'm ready for the day!
I'm feeling my legs a bit from yesterday's #cycling ride. Currently I'm watching a couple of Youtube videos about

This picturesque scene unfolds across a sprawling green field, where the lush grass seems to stretch endlessly towards the horizon. Dotting this vibrant expanse are quaint houses that exude a cozy, welcoming aura, nestled comfortably within the arms of nature. Dominating the background is a majestic mountain, standing tall and proud, its peak possibly kissing the clouds that gently float by in the clear, blue sky. The sunlight bathes the entire landscape in a warm, golden hue, highlighting the …
2024-03-19 15:35:25

🔊 #NowPlaying on KEXP's #MorningShow
Film School:
🎵 P.S.
2024-02-19 21:41:47

Ich habe irgendwo mal einen Filmschnipsel gesehen, wo doch allen ernstes ein Politiker die #Vergewaltigung in der #Ehe doch irgendwie geil findet. Ich finde das leider nicht auf youtube. Da sind nur Tondokumente. Hat das noch jemand? Danke! #Followerpower
2024-02-19 17:29:46

Coulson Aviation firefighting air tanker just departed and flew over the house. Destination unknown. Headed south. #PortAlberni #CBS8 #flighttracker

A flight tracker screenshot shows a picture of the aircraft N382CG on the left. On the right is a map of Vancouver Island with a small plane icon highlighted in red of the same number flying over Port Alberni on central Vancouver Island. There are not many other planes on the map except near YVR
2024-04-20 03:05:03

Before this Friday ends I'm sharing my #FourLastWatched.
🔸Planes, trains and automobiles (2½★)
🔸Oscar (4★)
🔸Knives Out (4★)
🔸Glass Onion (4★)
#LetterboxdFriday #Cinemastodon

Posters of my last four watched movies at letterboxd as described in the toot.
2024-02-19 07:21:38

Among these European #train lines to be improved, notice Vienna-#Budapest-Western Romania. Why not to #Bucharest?
It turns out that 20% of the population in Oradea is of Hungarian origin, and 8% …

Map of Europe showing 10 train lines to be improved in the coming years as part of a cross-border rail project. 

The link between Vienna-Budapest, and Oradea and Arad in Western Romania is highlighted.
2024-02-19 15:32:01

I'd like to congratulate arts and humanities journals for continuing to flummox the folks at Clarivate by remaining less (quantitatively) rank-able, despite Clarivate's best efforts to put a number on everything, no matter the meaninglessness of the exercise. Stay weird arts and humanities!

Clarivate press release: "We will not introduce JIF rankings for the arts and humanities categories

It was our intention to also introduce rankings for the 25 unique arts and humanities-specific categories this year. However, we have re-evaluated this decision following extensive data analysis and consultations with the scholarly community.

There is considerable variance in average citation speed and volume between disciplines. In general, citations in the arts and humanities are far lower an…

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to undo sanctions against several #lawyers allied with Donald Trump for filing a #meritless lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 presidential election results. 
Lawyers Sidney #Powell, Lin