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2024-05-17 13:22:44

Around fifteen months ago, we switched from IRC to self-hosted Matrix. It has been far from perfect, but better than IRC for our team.
Now that we know what we’re doing, and now that Element’s unread indicators aren’t in constant gaslighting mode, it’s actually pretty good (despite some recent rumblings about the encryption implementation, and the usual Other People’s Software concerns).
Avoiding Slack was a primary goal (for privacy reasons). I actually kind of hate being this …
2024-06-18 08:47:43

Ihmettelin lähikadun #openstreetmap ominaisuuksia kun ei tahdo pyöräreitittää sen kautta: ilmeiseeti reititysprofiili on arempi päällystämättömälle kuin arvelin ja haluaa mennä mielummin ylämäkeen asfalttia pitkin.
Näkyi olevan kadusta 31 eri versiota ja kun oli muutama 2010-luvun IRC-keskusteluista tuttu nimimerkkikin editoinut niin piti katsoa heidän profiilinsa. Yhdellä viimeisin e…
2024-06-13 14:52:37

first time i had to ban an obvious gnu concern troll from a project irc
i guess there's a first time for anything?
2024-05-11 20:05:12

It is surprising how few people who serve on boards of directors of US non-profit corporations know about their responsibilities and usually know nothing about some of the risks, such as "Intermediate Sanctions" - Draconian.
And because those sanctions are an excise tax it is questionable whether they can be insured against via omissions and errors insurance.
2024-05-25 06:01:29

#ICQ will turn off soon. I grew up with it’s weird aoooo and still know my quite long ID by heart. It was sensational, in contrast to the other, hacky (also cool) #IRC.
It was the first DM app I and everyone around me used and loved.
2024-05-06 12:48:09

IRC channel is empty :(
2024-05-30 00:55:18

I'm not on Xitter any more, but someone else (on IRC, lol) posted this. #BikeTooter #Wildfires #CarsAreDumb
I think the original article is from 2017.

“Ruiz attempted to flee the area in her car, but since everyone else in her neighborhood had the same idea, traffic jams made getting out quickly impossible. She went back to her home and grabbed her bike, which was equipped with a toddler trailer big enough for her two girls.”
[screenshot of "TRENDING" article with the headline, "Pregnant woman escapes wildfires with children on bicycle"]

One trope in nearly every disaster and post-apocalyptic film from Hollywood is…
2024-05-04 20:41:45

current status: someone asked me to bring one Matrix channel to one IRC channel and two different Discord channels simultaneously
I feel like my infrastructure might be cursed?
2024-05-31 07:17:16

Question 22 answer choices included:
— Instant Messaging (IRC, Matrix, Slack, Discord)
That one mash of wildly different things should have been four separate choices.
@… and FreeBSD Core Team: please, can you make things logically separate in the next survey?
Thank you.
#2024 #2025
2024-05-25 01:21:46

I never had ICQ. I was on irc and that was fine (and later additonally had XMPP (Jabber)).